Qualified employees with long-time experiences and current “know-how” by continuous further education.

We have the knowledge and the experience to take an idea from concept to completion all under one roof - designing and building the tooling, running the prototypes, and producing the production parts. This consolidation of resources, combined with our manufacturing expertise, saves time and money for our customers.

On-Site Trouble Shooting

Raybo prides itself on the fact they are in a position to offer there skills and experience immediately to resolve any manufacturing issues that may arise, without the need to bother the customer unless absolutely necessary.









On-Site Inspection

Once the order is readied for inspection and final inspection procedure is carried out on the shipment by a Raybo engineer. This inspection procedure will be created jointly between Raybo and the Customer to ensure the shipment is exactly the quality expected by our customer.


Shipment is handled by one of Raybo’s trusted handling partners, who will ensure safe and on time pick up and delivery to our customer door.










Technique is always “up-to-date” – We invest in the future.

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Technique is always “up-to-date” – We invest in the future.